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Florida Keys Partnership


Formed in 2013, the goal of the Florida Keys Shorebird Partnership is to conserve shorebird and seabird populations in Monroe county through collaborative efforts between government agencies, non-government organizations, and individuals. 

We meet twice a year at the Government Center in Marathon.  The spring meeting provides an overview of the previous years’ survey data, enables the group the opportunity to discuss existing and potential nesting sites, any issues from the previous year, and reinforces survey protocols and database entry information.  The fall meeting provides an overview of what the participants observed, problem sites, and the opportunity to discuss data from the current year. 

Get Involved

Our needs are seasonal based but the peak of activity occurs during the breeding season.  Here are a few ways to get involved

Local Contact

To learn more about the partnership and to get involved, email Suzy Roebling, Kevin Christman, or Ricardo Zambrano. 

Focal Species

Common Name Scientific Name
Least Tern Sternula antillarum
Roseate Tern Sterna dougallii
Wilson's Plover Charadrius wilsonia

2 Fun Facts About the Keys

  1. Surveys are conducted on rooftops throughout the Florida Keys by FWC biologists, on offshore islands, and along beaches.
  2. This partnership includes the Dry Tortugas, which is the only place in the continental U.S. where roseate terns, bridled terns, brown noddies, sooty terns, magnificent frigatebirds and masked boobies nest. The Dry Tortugas also has nesting roseate terns and brown pelicans.