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Outreach Materials

FSA Partners have created various materials, many for specific audiences, to educate people on the natural history and conservation of shorebirds and seabirds in Florida. (See Rooftop Resources for roof-specific materials).

Beach-Driving Brochure. Multiple authors. 2015.

A great resource for law enforcement, lifeguards, sea turtle surveyors, and other personnel who conduct beach patrols by vehicle.

download (pdf, 1358 KB)

Beach-Nesting Bird Postcard. Multiple authors. 2014.

A great resource for hotels and visitors centers, warning people to look out for beach-nesting birds.

download (Word, 875 KB)

What to do if you hook a pelican (other other waterbirds) Brochure. Multiple authors. 2014.

This brochure outlines steps for how to release a bird that has been hooked on a fishing line. This is a very good resource to post at fishing piers and other places where fishermen and birds congregate.


Outreach TurtleBeach-nesting Bird Pamphlet (designed for sea turtle monitors) Chris Burney-FWC. 2009

Limited supply available so please specify your need when making a request for copies or simply print them yourself. Pamphlets are double-sided, 8.5''x11'', and printed on postcard material. Contact the FWC Shorebird Partnership Coordinator for copies.

download (pdf, 5.43 MB)


Outreach LEBeach-nesting Bird Pamphlet (designed for law enforcement) Chris Burney-FWC. 2009 (updated 2017)

Pamphlets are double-sided, 8.5''x11'' , and printed on paper and laminated.

download (pdf, 3.71 MB)



 FWC Beach-nesting Bird Brochure FWC. 2005 (updated 2013)

Contact your FWC Regional Biologist to request copies, or download your own copy (pdf, 1.33 MB)


Outreach DrivingFWC Best Management Practices for Beach-driving FWC. 2008

Designed to be printed on 8.5''x11'' paper, one-sided.

download (pdf, 452 KB)



Beach Hero Brochure. FWC. 2013.

FWC’s Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative (CWCI) and its partners just released a fantastic brochure on how to be a “Beach Hero” – check it out!


Shorebird-Friendly Photographer Brochure. FWC. 2013.

A great resource for photographing shorebirds and other wildlife without disturbing them.


Share the Shore With our Wildlife signage. USACE. 2016.

For reference only, do not reproduce. Please contact U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Aubree.G.Hershorin@usace.army.mil) for reprints.


The Wrack Community signage. USACE. 2016.

For reference only, do not reproduce. Please contact U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Aubree.G.Hershorin@usace.army.mil) for reprints.



Snowy Plover craft project. 2012.

One of our partners developed this instruction sheet for making cute little Snowy Plovers out of cotton balls, toothpicks, and other easy-to-find materials. Great project for elementary-school aged children!


Coloring Book. Coastal Wildlife Club et al. 2011.

Just print this out and let the coloring (and education) begin!


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