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FSA partners collect a lot of information on shorebirds and seabirds, and the maps available below offer a spatial way to visualize this data using Google mapping tools. (For maps of conservation activities near you, see Local Partnerships and Bird Steward Programs).

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Interactive Wilson's Plover Map

In order to better understand historic and current nesting and population numbers of Wilson's Plovers in the state of Florida, FWC has created an interactive map for partners to use during the breeding season. Use this map to check on historic and known nesting sites of Wilson's plovers while conducting your normal monitoring this breeding season. 

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Breeding Bird Maps

For more recent maps of nesting shorebird and seabird locations, please see the annual Monitoring Reports or visit www.FLShorebirdDatabase.org.

Go2010 Beach-nesting Bird Maps
Observations entered into FWC's Beach-nesting Bird Database

View species maps using observations pulled from FWC's Beach-nesting Bird Database.

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