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Collaboration is integral to FSA’s work since practical solutions to shorebird and seabird conservation in Florida often call for skills, experience, and resources only a broad cross-section of partners can marshal. Managers of Florida's beaches are often confronted with difficult decisions on how to resolve the conflicting needs of people and wildlife, and the information and tools that partnerships offer can make that balance easier to find. Learn more about FSA partners, click here.

Partner activities

FSA partners cooperate in many ways to accomplish conservation through research, management, or outreach. Listed below are some of the activities commonly undertaken by our partners:

FSA partners conduct various types of surveys that further our understanding of the distribution and movement of shorebirds and seabirds in Florida.

Bird Surveys

FSA partners track beach-nesting bird activity to help determine where and how well shorebirds and seabirds are nesting in Florida.

BNB Monitoring

FSA partners use signs and symbolic fencing to help reduce the levels of disturbance at important beach-nesting bird sites in Florida.

Posting Sites

FSA partners preform community outreach and help keep an eye on important beach-nesting bird sites, particularly on busy weekends.

Bird Stewards

FSA partners help monitor buildings with roof-top nesting shorebirds and seabirds, and return chicks that have fallen off the roofs.

Roof-top Nests

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