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2019 Winter Survey

2019 is the 11th anniversary of the Florida Winter Shorebird Survey (a.k.a. The First Friday in February Survey)!  We are enthused to invite you to participate in the mid-winter survey that serves as a statewide snapshot of shorebirds and seabirds across the state. 

The primary objective of the Winter Shorebird Survey is to better understand the winter distribution of shorebirds and seabirds in Florida. This annual survey will allow us to recognize long-term trends or changes in winter population sizes and distribution. It will also help us identify key wintering sites- information that is much needed to guide future conservation efforts, particularly for our state or federally listed focal species.

If you plan to participate in this year’s survey please review the 2019 Protocol, review the list of routes and sign up for an existing route or add a new route on the Route Survey List.  After the survey is complete, please submit your data by March 1st into the Google Form. If you have questions about a route or the survey, please contact the Regional Coordinator in the protocol.

Based on the success of last year’s sign-up process and protocol changes, we’re continuing to support the following:   

  • Survey dates, February 1st – 7th;
  • You can sign up for or add a survey route without contacting a coordinator;
  • The option to survey only focal species;
  • GPS locations for flocks >50 non-focal species are optional (and encouraged), rather than required
  • Report all GPS locations in Decimal Degrees.

We look forward to participating alongside you in this fun winter survey.  Thank you for contributing your vital data.  Please contact your coordinator if you have questions.

Happy Counting!

FSA Winter Shorebird Survey Crew