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Volusia Shorebird Partnership


Location: Volusia County

Formed: December 2009

Meet twice a year (pre- and post- nesting season) in Daytona Beach.

Mission Statement:  The Volusia Shorebird Partnership is a county-wide alliance of interested groups, organizations, and individuals committed to advancing shorebird and seabird stewardship in Volusia County. The Partnership accomplishes this through coordinated and collaborative work that helps to identify and address important needs with regard to research, management, education, outreach, and public policy.



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Fun fact

The partnership has evolved to allow us to conduct shorebird surveys every month of the year which include winter surveys of Piping Plover critical habitat of FL-34 and additional known habitat in and around Ponce Inlet. Many of our partners are actively involved year round and the partners coordinate county wide coverage for the USFWS led PIPL International Survey and Winter Coastal Bird Survey efforts. We hope that this long term data set will be used in future management decisions to improve habitat and protection for shorebirds in Volusia County.



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