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Treasure Coast Shorebird Partnership


Location: Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin Counties

Formed: March 2012

Meet twice a year (around February/March and September/October) in Port St. Lucie.



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Fun facts

- We have ~65 miles of coastline with an average of 3 ground nesting sites and 25 roof nesting sites to survey. There are also colonies and solitary sites that pop up on spoil islands and storm water treatment areas. All of this is monitored by a core group of about 20 active participants!

- In 2013, several barrier islands were constructed in front of the Ft. Pierce Marina and downtown area for storm water protection. The southernmost island, Tern Island, is designated as a nature preserve and has already attracted a colony of Least Terns during the 2014 nesting season! The city will restrict human access and manage vegetation during the off season to continue to attract nesting shorebirds.

- In 2014, the FWC designated Bird Island in Martin County as a Critical Wildlife Area. This designation will protect nesting and roosting shorebirds and wading birds year round from human disturbance by restricting access within a 30-150 foot buffer zone around the island.



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