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Lee County Shorebird Partnership


Location: Lee County

Formed: March 2009

Meet twice a year (pre- and post-nesting season) in Fort Myers.



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Fun fact

We are the only partnership that is led by a school teacher (thanks, Charlie Ewell!).


Regional Species

Snowy Plover     Charadrius alexandrinus
Wilson's Plover     Charadrius wilsonia
American Oystercatcher     Haematopus palliatus
Willet     Tringa semipalmata
Black Skimmer     Rynchops niger
Least Tern     Sternula antillarum


Important Sites

Lee Bnbsites

1. Gasparilla Island SP
Historically, a loose colony of Least Tern and several pair of Snowy Plovers have nested along these beaches. (posted seasonally)
See Aerial

2. Cayo Costa SP (Lagoon)
Least Tern and Black Skimmer colonies are regular here, and Snowy Plover and American Oystercatcher have nested in this area (posted seasonally)
See Aerial

3. Cayo Costa SP (South)
Least Tern and Snowy Plover regularly nest in this area. (posted seasonally)
See Aerial

4. Sanibel Island (Bowmans Beach)

Least Terns and Snowy Plovers have nested along this beach. (posted seasonally)
See Aerial

5. Little Estero CWA
Important site for Least Tern, Wilson's Plover, and Snowy Plover; and wintering habitat for shorebirds. (posted seasonally)
See Aerial

6. Lovers Key State Park

 See Aerial


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