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The Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) is a small beach-nesting shorebird that has migratory and non-migratory populations along the Gulf Coast of the U.S. from Louisiana east to Florida, where it is restricted to beaches and mudflats on barrier islands and along the mainland coast. In Florida, Snowy Plovers breed in two separate regions: in the panhandle from Escambia to Franklin Counties, and in the peninsula from Pasco to Collier Counties.

Recent statewide breeding surveys for Snowy Plovers in Florida suggest the population hovers between 200-250 breeding pairs (~200 and ~50 in the panhandle and peninsula, respectively), making it one of the most imperiled birds in Florida (View map of Snowy Plover nests locations from 2005-2008).


The Working Group

The Florida Snowy Plover Working Group (SNPLWG) was established in 2007 to facilitate improved coordination between the different groups and individuals workng with Snowy Plovers on public and private lands in Florida.

In 2008, a steering committee was assembled to give the SNPLWG added direction, and shortly thereafter, a charter was adopted that clearly defined the overall goal, objectives, and strategies for the group. The charter is a "living" document; thus, priorities and actions may need to be adjusted as new information becomes available. The steering committee meets on a regular basis to exchange ideas and address issues affecting Snowy Plovers.

Florida Snowy Plover Survey

Initiated in 2008 as part of the International Snowy Plover Survey organized by USGS and USFWS, the Florida Snowy Plover Survey is a continuation of this count and will be carried out annually under the direction of the SNPLWG. The survey is designed to determine long-term population trends and changes in distribution.

For management purposes, the surveys extend our coverage to areas not regularly monitored for Snowy Plovers which enables surveyors to alert local managers about the whereabouts of previously unknown pairs/nests. Local managers can then action and reduce potential disturbances at the site by posting and/or limiting the types of activities allowed in the area.

The Florida Snowy Plover Survey is usually scheduled for the last two weeks in April- if you would like to participate in the survey, stay in touch by joining the FSA mailing list, join the flock, or reading the field notes.

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