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Collier County Shorebird Partnership

Location: Collier County, including two State of Florida Critical Wildlife Areas (Big Marco Pass and Caxambas Pass).

History: In 2000, five local members began meeting informally to coordinate posting of seabird and shorebird colonies in Rookery Bay Research Reserve and on Marco Island. A more formalized group was established in 2009 to further develop existing partnerships and engage new and different partners important to the future of shorebirds and seabirds in Collier County.Today, we have over 40 members.

Meet twice a year (spring and fall) at the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center.



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Fun Facts

- In Collier County, most Least Tern nesting is on beaches. Black Skimmers and Wilson’s Plovers also nest here.

- Least Tern and Black Skimmer nesting data has been recorded in Collier county since 1972 as part of a long-term coastal waterbird monitoring effort.

- The Big Marco Pass Least Tern and Black Skimmer colony is consistently ranked as one of the largest in the State.


Regional Species

Snowy Plover     Charadrius alexandrinus
Wilson's Plover     Charadrius wilsonia
American Oystercatcher     Haematopus palliatus
Willet     Tringa semipalmata
Black Skimmer     Rynchops niger
Least Tern     Sternula antillarum


Important SitesCollier County Bnbsites

1. Key Island (Keewaydin Island)
Least Tern colony in 2008; Wilson and Snowy Plovers also historically nest along these beaches. (posted seasonally)
Aerial View

2. Big Marco Pass CWA (Tigertail Beach)
Extremely important Least Tern and Black Skimmer site (largest colonies in the state); Wilson and Snowy Plovers also regularly nest along these beaches. (posted year-round)
Aerial View

3. Marco Island City Beach
Least Terns and Black Skimmers occasionally spill over onto this open section of beach from the neighboring CWA. (posted if birds are present)
Aerial View

4. Caxambas Pass CWA
Least Tern and Black Skimmer regularly nest on this sandbar. (posted seasonally)
Aerial View

5. Kice Island (North End)
Least Tern and occasionally Black Skimmer colonies are found along open stretches of beach on the north end. (posted seasonally)
Aerial View

6. Cape Romano (Morgan Point)
Least Tern colonies are occasionally established near the south tip. (posted seasonally)
Aerial View


Partner Organizations

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
City of Marco Island
Friends of Tigertail Beach
Delnor Wiggins State Park
City of Naples
Collier County Audubon Society
Collier County Sherriff's Office


If you have questions, please contact us.

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